Sunday, April 18, 2010

I was tagged.

I recently was tagged in a past photo with some darlings girls and I looked terrible. It made me realize that a smile says so much of how we are feeling, treating others and if we are having a good time. etc... I almost always hate to have my picture taken because I think I should be thinner or my hair looked a mess or I have a headace, what ever the excuse is I have used it to get out of having my pic taken. I sometimes say use your skinny lens and then I see myself with a scoll on my face and I feel so bad that I hadn't smiled and let the world know how happy I am and how grateful I am to be with such amazing friends and family. So I am here to tell you I am going to try so much harder to have a smile on my face when the camera comes around. I look so much better with a smile even if the hair is a mess or a the figure isn't the skinniest. So anybody out there that sees a picture of me not smiling delete it throw it away and I will do my best the next time. Got To love those tags it really helped me to change the way I look at myself. THANKS.....

Faces I love.... what a girls wants......SMILES>>>>

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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Struttin 4 " D "

Today was the M.S. walk for my sis D-Ann. We joined our team at Lorin farr park and it was a great morning. The weather turned out so wonderful compared to last year, when it rained a lot. The weather must have been warmer before the walk last year, because there was more foilage and greener grass but today it was a warmer day than last year so it turned out to be thumbs up!!! It is always fun to walk and talk to someone, and to be with some of our family was even better. Thanks for the fun walk and thanks for fighting so hard sis, keep up the good work and we will see you all next year...
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Wednesday, April 7, 2010




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This year for Easter we decided it was way to cold to go outside for the little Bay so, we had the hunt in the house and then sent the big kids out to play. I don't know if we are all getting old but it didn't seem like Easter this year. I need it to be warmer to be in the mood. Sorry kids your grandma is getting older. We still had fun eating alot and visiting. The best part was watching Bay, he is learning how to walk and we just kept trying to get him to take a few more steps then cheered him for his accomplishments. Bay one thing is for sure you have a good cheering section..
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